How you can use your smartphone to help you study


Smartphones are powerful tools in our pockets that most people probably never make full use of. Smartphones can prove to be distracting and can stop you from studying. Some people would turn them off and some people get sucked in by them and lose precious time. But what if you can use them to help you study. They can be very powerful tools that would maximize your time. Here are some ways you can use them to help you study:

  1. Note taking: There are many note taking apps that you install on your phone. They beat handwritten notes and are much faster. Some apps let you record audio notes which you can use to record the lecture, or you can link the audio notes to written notes. There are also many apps that let you take reminders and help you organize your time in addition to note taking. A great app you can download is “Google Keep” which would let you takes notes and set reminders in a neat and organized way.
  1. Dictionaries: There are loads and loads of great free dictionary apps out there. You can search any word you need a definition for and some apps even show you a “word of the day” which would increase your vocabulary. My go to dictionary app is “” it’s straightforward to use and has a quiz feature so you can test yourself and learn new vocabulary.
  1. Cloud storage: You should definitely use cloud storage to easily sync and share file between your devices. Using cloud storage will also save your files from being lost if you accidently delete them from your device. Google drive is a great free cloud storage that you can use.
  1. Flashcards: There are many flashcard apps out there that make it very easy and lightning fast to create flashcards. In addition to flashcards some apps will let you create quizzes and review sheets which is very useful.

As you can see smartphones are very useful if they’re used correctly and can even save your time, instead of wasting it. Though if you still find yourself distracted by your smartphone you can just turn it off and put it away.



Written by: Osama Waheib

July 26, 2016

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