Interview With The Student Of The Month, January 2016

What is your nationality?
I’m Malaysian

Where do you live?
I live in Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

What is your job?
I am an executive at Malaysian Technology Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (MTDC)

How many languages do you speak?
I speak two languages, Bahasa Malaysia and English

Why do you learn Arabic language?

  • Arabic is an official language of 28 states, the third most after English and French. It’s an advantage for international business and communication.
  • Arabic language is a language of the Jannah and Al-Quran. I hope one day I can have more understanding each time I read the Verse of the Quran.
  • Arabic is a language of knowledge especially if we would like to understand the religion of Islam. I was motivated by the hadith, “Whomsoever that Allah wishes for him goodness, He will make him a faqih (learned) in matters of the religion (Deen);”.

Do you find it hard to learn Arabic?
Yes, the language is challenging especially in understanding its grammar.

How hard did you have to work to get this?
I practice on my own after each session of the class, and I try to relate everything I learnt when I reciting the Quran.

Tell us about your experience at ArabiCollege
It’s interesting and fun, all the teachers are very committed and supportive in every session in order to make me understand. Besides the formal lesson given, they also willingly share about their culture and some other interesting topics during the session and I am very pleased with this.

How do you see eLearning compared to the traditional learning?
The advantage of this concept is we have a one to one session with the native Arabic speaker. All the lessons can be done almost anytime and everywhere which I feel it is very convenience since I am quite busy of my office chores.

What advice would you give to the learners of Arabic language?
The learner must have high determination and interest to learn the language itself. You have to build up self-interest and try to practice the language with your peers by any chance you have. Learning the language also keep our mind sharp because we have to memorize new vocabulary and understand the language.

February 4, 2016

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