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With more and more developing countries having high speed access to the internet and joining the mobile revolution, Arabic in particular has benefited from the trend and seen a sharp increase in use on the net.

In fact, the number of Arabic speaking users on the web has grown by 2500% over the past decade, making it the fastest growing language on the Internet. The number of Arab-Americans has grown 51% since the 2000s, reports Pew research citing numbers from the census bureau. However, the Arab American Research Foundation estimates the number to be even higher stating some 3.7 million people living in the country.

Being a website dedicated to language learning on the Internet and looking at the numbers we were curious to learn more. Thus we sat down with Mohamed Bamatraf whose company ArabiCollege teaches students from around the world about the Arabic language and culture online.

Arabic is dying out, that’s the story we’ve been told for decades now. Not so, according to ArabiCollege, the leading online school based in Dubai, UAE, that teaches Arabic language & Culture courses through interactive, one to one, live classes with native Arabic teachers around 24/7.

ArabiCollege has been working with companies, hotels, schools, and banks in the UAE for years and sees increased global demand for its courses with expats from around the world working in the UAE, other Gulf countries, looking to better understand the language and culture of the region.

Since opening a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in March 2015, ArabiCollege has been teaching more than 2000 learners from renowned institutions including Malaysia Technology Development corporation, University of Malaya, Brunei Syariah High Court as well as other schools, universities and hotels in Malaysia and Brunei.

“Arabic has become a real talking point not only in the Gulf countries where there are millions of expats wanting to make their lives easier by learning the language and understanding the culture of their new home country.

But also people living in Asia and even Western nations are increasingly interested to learn the language for several reasons such as the number of emerging high growth markets that speak Arabic, cultural, educational and diplomatic factors. It eases the work and communication between these Asian and Western nations and their Arabic speaking partners”,

said Mohamed Bamatraf, who founded ArabiCollege in the UAE in 2007.

“We understand that language is not a ‘one size fits all’, which is why we have a portfolio of teachers offering different learning styles. Our learners have the freedom and choice to select the teacher that best meets their needs,”

added Mohamed.

“Our classes are available round-the clock, so even if you want to master the basics of Arabic at 3am on a Saturday, you can log on and find a teacher to help you.

In our survey the majority of learners stated that they chose ArabiCollege because we are available 24/7, we offer one to one interactive lessons, and we are affordable.”

ArabiCollege has more than 10,000 learners across the Gulf Countries, from India, and different Western countries including the US and the UK.

Besides signing up for lessons in listening, speaking, reading and writing, learners are given every opportunity to master Arabic outside the virtual classroom, in writing contests, blogs and forum discussions.

ArabiCollege is looking to have more than 20,000 learners by the end of 2016 due to the fast growth the company is seeing. Right now ArabiCollege focuses on B2B but also welcome the individuals from around the globe. Learners can easily sign up for a free trial, select the course that they wish to study and start booking live classes, available 24/7. Learners then meet highly qualified native teachers in a one-on-one live classroom environment, and start their Arabic language learning experience.

Learners are free to choose the time, and also the teacher they like the most. Besides the live classroom, the premium account gives the learner access to “The Café”, where learners practice conversational skills with teachers and other peers talking in free conversations with no need of prior booking.

“You’ve got nothing to lose, but with all our courses leading to a certificate that’s accredited by one of ArabiCollege’s academic partners, there’s everything to gain.”

added Mohamed.

October 20, 2015

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