Learning and Tech: 6 ways E-Books help students

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Nowadays online and digital learning is gaining more and more popularity, and technology continues to play a huge part in this evolution of learning. Books have always been a part of the education process, they are treasure coves of knowledge but one can’t have so much of them at a time. But this is not the case today, with e-readers one can have thousands of e-books in a space that’s smaller than a traditional book. And e-books have been slowly finding their way into education, with more and more schools using e-books. There are many reasons why e-books are better than traditional books among them are:

  • You could get them instantly: You could download e-books instantly when you need them. You wouldn’t need to go all the way to a bookstore to buy your book, and you wouldn’t need to worry about the possibility that the book would be out of stock or unavailable.
  • They’re portable: E-books are obviously more portable than traditional books. With e-books you wouldn’t need to carry a heavy bag full of books that would later give you back problems, you would only need to carry your laptop or tablet or an e-reader with you.
  • They’re more content-rich: E-books can contain a wide variety of media in them ranging from video to links for more material on the web which makes them much more interactive than traditional books. This also makes e-books a much better option for students who don’t like plain text as a learning material and prefer to have additional resources along with said text.
  • They are more convenient: If you have a vision deficiency e-books would be a great help for you as you could change the font size to your personal preference and some e-books even let you change the font of the book. If you’re visually impaired there is also the TTS feature or the text to speech which reads the text on the book for you. Even if you have good vision those features are still convenient to have.
  • Dictionaries and translations: You’ve probably ran into a word before which you didn’t understand while reading a book before. It sometimes happens that you find weird words that you don’t understand and you have to find a dictionary. Most e-readers have dictionaries embedded in them so that you would be able to fetch the meaning of a weird word like “desiderata” instantly.
  • The search feature: The search capabilities in an e-book is another hard to beat weapon in the huge arsenal of weapons that e-books have. How many times have you picked up a book searching for a little snippet of text or a quick answer? This amazing feature of e-books makes it extremely easy for students to find what they want inside an e-book; and you could also bookmark and highlight text like a traditional book.

Those are some of the reasons why e-books are better for students than traditional books. In addition to all those benefits when you use an e-book rather than a traditional book you are helping environment as e-books don’t involve the cutting of trees in order to make them.


Written by: Osama Waheib

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