Learning and Tech: 9 ways smartphones can help students

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Smartphones are powerful little tools that fit in our pockets but most people don’t make full use of them. They can also be a major distraction for students and negatively impact them. But if they are used correctly they can be very useful. Most people use their smartphones to check WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media, they might also play games on them. But what most people don’t realize is that smartphone can do a huge number of things and aren’t limited to those negligible things. Smartphones are compact powerhouses that contain major processing power and a wide range of sensors within them. This gives smartphones the ability to be very useful and helpful for students. Some of the more productive uses of smartphones are:

  1. Checking facts: One of the most obvious uses for smartphones is checking facts. Students can easily check facts and access the infinite source of information which is the internet instantly.
  2. Test themselves: There are many online tests and apps which let students take tests on different subjects. Those tests are also automatically graded and can help students gain insight on what they’re lacking in. They can also help students prepare for actual tests given by their teachers, or better yet the teachers could make tests for their students and send them using one of the many apps that do this.
  3. Dictionaries: There are many dictionary apps that students could download. Most of those dictionaries offer that ability to check words offline giving students the ability to check the meaning of a word instantly even while offline. Those dictionary apps also offer nice feature like
  4. Translations: Just like dictionaries there are many apps which offer the ability to translate foreign words. Some of these translation apps also double as dictionaries.
  5. Time management: Smartphones are powerful time management tools with many apps that help you manage your time. These apps will give you notifications on important dates and the due dates of your various assignments. You can also synchronize those apps and calendars with your other devices if any.
  6. E-book readers: Smartphones can be great e-readers especially if they are on the larger side. You can download any pdf document or e-book and read it right away on your phone.
  7. Store Formulas: Smartphones lets students easily store mathematical and scientific formulas and keep them close to them. You don’t even need to manually store the most common science and math formulas as there many apps that contain them already.
  8. Language learning: There are many apps that help you learn foreign languages. Some of these apps help you immerse yourself in the language by offering images or short stories in the language you are learning. If you want to further immerse yourself there are apps that connect you with natives of the language you want to learn in order to talk with them.
  9. Further learning: Students can access different material on their subject and find different courses, books and resources related to that subject.


As you can see smartphones can be very useful if used correctly. They aren’t notorious timewasters, time killers and distractors that they are known as. Though if you aren’t careful enough it can be easy for you to get lost and distracted in the vast oceans which they contain.



Written by: Osama Waheib

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