Learning and Tech: How technology helps schools

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Technology is helping teachers to evolve and expand past linear, text-based and “traditional” teaching methods which don’t bring out the true potential of most students. It also helps students who learn better in different and more untraditional ways. It evolved from being a small and contained computer class to a vast toolset that helps both teachers and students in doing their jobs. Technology helps schools in many ways and here are some of them:

  • Real world situations: Technology, if used correctly can help students prepare for real world situations. It can help them learn about various jobs and professions but not just in definitions and what they do. By using epistemic games students are put in different roles like a city planner, journalist, or an engineer. They are asked to solve real world problems which are encountered in the role they are playing. This helps the students understand different jobs more and engages them in those jobs in order for the student to understand which job suits him more than the other. It also helps them gain experience and idea of the real world before venturing out into it.
  • Diverse styles: Schools host different students from different backgrounds and each one of those students thinks differently. Technology helps teachers adapt to the different styles which their students learn by. Technology is just as diverse as the students who attend schools.
  • Better simulations: Some concepts are easier to explain than others, for example how vibrations produce sound using a tuning fork is easier than say explaining how molecules interact together or why some chemical reactions are more dangerous than others. Which is where technology comes and saves the day. By simulating those situations in a computer it saves both the teachers and students a major headache of explaining and understanding those concepts.
  • Global learning: The internet makes it easy to view information from all over the world. Students can see the views of people from different countries on a matter, they could even learn about the different cultures of other countries. Better yet is that they could even meet with people from different countries and learn from them different things from that country.
  • E-books: We’ve already talked about E-books here. And they are very powerful tools that help students achieve more. And they aren’t even used to their full capacity. E-books are very powerful tools that go beyond having 5 books in a space smaller than one traditional book.

Technology is an amazing tool that helps students take control over their own learning, it helps them think for themselves and take decisions. Those were only some of the uses of technology in schools, but the possibilities and uses of technology are endless. How do you think technology helps schools? Tell us in the comments.


By: Osama Waheib

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