Learning and Technology: A glimpse into the future of education

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We have already talked about how technology revolutionized education. But it will revolutionize education even further in the coming years. As there are a lot of new technologies that are getting out of their incubators that will disrupt the educational system as we know it now. Those technologies will create a new and a much more effective system that will take education to a whole new level.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, gearVR, education, SamsungVirtual reality or VR for short, is a technology that creates an artificial environment that the user can navigate and interact with. It uses two of the five primary senses: vision and sound.

But how will it change education? Let me give you an example: have you ever thought to yourself while studying history that you would do much better if you saw the historical moments. Well by using virtual reality you can go back in time to witness the historical battles and moments, you can live through them in the virtual world.

And it doesn’t apply to history only, it can be applied to anything. Students can learn chemistry by viewing what happens during chemical reactions at the atomic scale.

They can explore the space, and they can even become what they are studying. Which brings us to another important point; students learn better by “being” what they are studying, this means if a student is studying archaeology the student will learn better by being an archeologist, and getting to work on the field of course isn’t very common. But by using virtual reality the students can be transported into the field of work and learn the practical concepts by doing them in the artificial world. All of this happens without even leaving the classroom.

Augmented Reality

augmented reality, education, Microsoft, hololensAugmented reality or AR, unlike virtual reality doesn’t create a completely virtual environment but it takes the real-world view and enhances it using computer generated imagery in real time. The result is impressive that it can create virtual objects that can’t be distinguished from real objects which are right in front of you.

Its progress in education has been nothing but excellent. Student who have used this technology showed higher focus rates and attention to the lesson. The applications and uses of AR in education are limitless and it can help in almost every field of education.

  • Interactivity: Interactive education is nothing new, but interacting and manipulating a 3D object in the air levels up the playing field of interactive education.
  • History: A professor can teach about ancient civilizations and with the help of augmented reality he can show artifacts from said civilizations for students to examine from every angle. Which brings a hands-on approach to education.
  • Dissection: Augmented reality can literally cut layers of body and show us what’s behind every layer. And this can also apply to architecture to demonstrate why some parts of the framework are important.
  • Space: It could also bring planets, stars and the whole cosmos right in front of you with statistical information about them for you to examine.
  • Landmarks: Teachers could teach about the pyramids and show photos of them but by using augmented reality they can bring them to the classroom.
  • Living books: It could also bring the concepts and material that a textbook contains to life and shows interactive models that you could examine and manipulate.


Virtual reality and augmented reality will truly become game changers if they make it into the market and become mainstream technologies like our smartphones and tablets. And with giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung and HTC working on those technologies it’s no doubt that in the next few years education will slowly evolve into a much more effective system.


Written by: Osama Waheib

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