Learning and Technology: How to maximize e-learning productivity

e-learning, learning, online courses, productivityOnline courses are gaining more and more popularity and are becoming more reliable than ever. If you are new to online courses you might find the environment a bit confusing at first but once you get familiarized with it you’ll love it. But online courses aren’t an easier way to learn, they are a more convenient way. Here are some tips to help you maximize your e-learning productivity.


  1. Connect with you instructors: Connecting with your instructors is an important part of learning. You shouldn’t hesitate to contact your instructor to ask for help as your instructor is a real person. So whenever you are stuck at something or are not sure about something you could contact your instructor at any time and they will be happy to have an active student.
  1. Participate: You shouldn’t only count on talking with your instructor to get the most out of the course. Usually the place where you get the most out of the course is the discussion boards and the forums. You should actively participate in the discussions of your fellow students and take the time to think about what’s being discussed. As that will give you more knowledge and insight about the subject from the various perspectives of your fellow students.
  1. Help your peers: You should try and help your fellow students to create a positive learning experience and environment. By helping your fellow students with problems and things they don’t understand, you will be practicing what you have learned. You will also know if you really understand what you have learned so far; to explain something properly you will have to be able to understand it yourself.
  1. Make a schedule: Your instructor gives you the due dates for each assignment so make use of those dates and plan ahead. Don’t procrastinate and leave the work until the last minute. You should make a schedule and stick to it. Making a schedule will help you in organizing and managing your time which is where the beauty of online classes shines. Organizing your time is the key to success for everything in life.
  1. Have fun! : Having fun while learning is an important part for an effective learning process. If learning feels like a chore it will demotivate you will start to procrastinate and you will get less out of the experience. So have fun, meet new interesting people from different cultures, make new friends and have fun solving complex problems together. As this will keep your refreshed.


Written by: Osama Waheib

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