Palm Islands

Palm island, dubai, arabic, learningDubai is the home to a lot of the modern Arabic architecture and symbols. Dubai made lots of amazing structures in the past years. But it’s most amazing structure yet is the Palm Islands. The Palm islands are man-made islands that Dubai built. The most amazing thing about the island is that it was built completely using sand and rocks; no steel or concrete was used to build it.

Here are some facts about them:

  • The Palm Island is the largest man-made islands to date.
  • Before construction, hundreds of studies were carried out to check the feasibility of the project. And to review several major aspects of the project, such as marina design, transportation, civil engineering and technology.
  • Expert divers were sent down to examine the rock formations beneath the water and ensure it’s stability.
  • This artificial island consists of a trunk, a crown with 16 fronds and a surrounding crescent.
  • The crescent on top of the palm tree design serves as a breakwater. The breakwater has the capability to resist harshest of weather conditions was made to combat high waves in the event of storms or typhoons.
  • The crescent is made using a blend of sand, rocks and geo textile fiber. With more than 300 opening on each side.
  • The Palm Island is one of the few man-made structures that could be seen from space with the naked eye.
  • The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge.
  • The Palm’s construction has led to the adding of about 180 kilometers of Dubai shoreline, thereby increasing it by incredible 166%.
  • 32 million cubic meters of sand were used in the construction of island that we see today. Most of the sand came from the ocean floor.

The Palm Islands are a symbol on how far we have advanced and how we possess the ability to change our world; one grain of sand a time.


Written by: Osama Waheib

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