Ramadan: How the normal day changes in Ramadan

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The month of Ramadan is a very special month for all Muslims around the world. There are a lot of changes that happen in the typical day for a Muslim during Ramadan. The most important of those changes is fasting where all Muslims, who are able, around the world abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.


It’s the first change that happens during the month of Ramadan. Muslims rise before the first lights of dawn in order to eat a light meal adhering to the teachings of the Prophet. All members of a Muslim family gather in order to eat together and before the first light rays of dawn break into skies and once they hear the call to prayer they do the dawn prayer. Since it’s so early in the morning most return back to sleep. This light meal is what’s called Suhoor.

The day:

The day in Ramadan is pretty much, even though everyone abstain from eating or drinking the people go on with their work and schools as normal. Although in Muslim majority the workload and schedules is lightened in order to accommodate for the month. And of course schools also shorten the normal school day. Muslims always try to abstain from behaving rudely and badmouthing others but during Ramadan they are especially careful and try to abstain from them as much as possible.


With the day finally ending, Muslims gather in their homes waiting for the sunset. Just like the Suhoor the members of a family gather in front of a meal unlike the Suhoor this meal is quite larger and richer with more food than the Suhoor. They gather waiting for the call to prayer and once its sound travels and reaches their ears they hurry and break their fast with dates and water mimicking the Prophet. After breaking their fast with dates they go on to do their prayers. After praying they eat the rest of the meal and offer words of gratitude for the food.

Muslims usually find themselves either invited or inviting others over to have Iftar together whether they are members of extended family, friends or neighbors. And they also give food to help the poor. The majority of mosques also offer free food in order to help the poor. And sometimes mosques hold Iftar to strengthen community ties especially in Muslim minority countries. Special rations are also distributed to needy households in the beginning of the month by charitable organizations.

The holy month of Ramadan is a month where the ties between family members, neighbors and communities strengthen.


Written by: Osama Waheib

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