Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality is the latest technology that is starting to find its way into education. The technology itself is still in a pretty early stage but it looks pretty promising. Some of you might be wondering, what is virtual reality? Well, it’s a good question in order to fully understand what virtual reality is, and the potential behind it, you have experience it yourself. But if you want a quick description then that’s easier; virtual reality is a computer generated 3-dimensional image or environment that you can interact with in a seemingly real or physical way. The device that enables such a thing is called a VR headset or a VR viewer. So as you can see virtual reality is a promising technology that could be used in many ways.

A virtual learning environment:

Virtual reality can create a virtual learning environment for the students to learn. Things that weren’t possible in reality will be possible virtual reality, for example: When we teach students about space and astronomy the most we can do to make them immersed is show them image and videos about space, but by using virtual reality we can put students in a virtual space ship and make them travel through space. The possibilities for virtual reality are endless we can re-create scenes from famous historical wars in virtual reality, and let student view them.

Creativity and interest:

Virtual reality will fuel student’s interest in learning. It will make them interested in the various field which they thought were boring, and in return the students will explore those field increasing their creativity. All of this will make students more willing to learn about new things and explore subjects and topics which they will not have had normally thought about.

Google’s Arts & Culture:

Google Arts & Culture is an app developed by Google. It’s an app that has a large collection of artworks, historical artifacts and other stuff along with information about said stuff. Just recently Google added a new feature, do you know what it is? Yup it is virtual reality, Google added virtual tours famous places, historical places, famous locations, historical locations, etc. Of course to view those virtual tours you will need a VR viewer such as the cheap Google Cardboard or the more expensive Samsung gearVR. You can click this word here to check it out. This is a small step in order to integrate virtual reality into education, it also shows you the potential for virtual reality.



Written by: Osama Waheib

July 31, 2016

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