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Founded in 2007 by Mohamed Bamatraf, the Managing Director, ArabiCollege is an educational college that teaches Arabic to non-Arabic speakers around the world, through 24/7 live online sessions and virtual classrooms. In addition to other high standard language learning methods, ArabiCollege offers multimedia modules and highly interactive courses.

With over 80 years of teaching experience, ArabiCollege is committed to offering professional Arabic learning programs, which enable you to learn Arabic easily, speak it fluently, and write it correctly in a short period of time, as native Arabic speakers would do.

ArabiCollege is not only available from anywhere at any time, but also offers you the flexibility to customize your learning schedule exactly the way you want it. You do not have to travel far to reach an Arabic training center; you can take the courses from the comfort of your home. Regardless the time zone difference, your Arabic language teacher will be available any time to interact online.

For us, quality is a necessity rather than a luxury. We developed an excellent and advanced system, so that you can save time while learning Arabic. The system does not only offer high quality learning methods, but also provides fast results. No need to download any additional software - everything is done online.

We hope to see you in one of our classes soon!

1. Professional Teachers
High qualified native Arabic teachers that have profound teaching experience as well as graduating from the most prominent Egyptian universities.


2. Quality of voice
The live sessions are being Broadcasted the by using the most advanced web based learning technology, which ensure high quality of voice, document sharing, and communicating tools.


3. Modern Arabic Course
ArabiCollege has developed this course to fulfill the needs of Arabic language instructors and learners, and to meet the standard of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


4. Educational videos
ArabiCollege provides you with free videos tutorials; these videos are to help you improve you Arabic communication skills.


5. Online Quizzes
Various types of quizzes cover the four language skills and the different types of the human memory.


6. Continuous evaluation to students
That will help you in a regular basis evaluate your language skills and how good you are doing with the program as well as spotting what needs more efforts from you.


7. Schedule your sessions upon your available time
You can easily personalize the time of your live session, so we customize your sessions schedule according to your time space, ArabiCollege teachers are available for you 24 hours a day, feel free to personalize your sessions schedule.


8. Real interactive live class
ArabiCollege live classes are presented by high qualified native Arabic teacher that are available to teach online 24 hours a day all around the week. The classes are presented by using the latest web communicating techniques.


9. Social network
The social network helps you construct new knowledge; it is a sort of sharing knowledge, experience and information among the learners.


10. Special educational statistics
These statistics are for tracking your progression all along the course; this would help you evaluate your goals during the learning process.


11. Library
A mega source of culture you can find in this section that contains lots of free e-books in different subjects which will enhance your knowledge about all the aspect of the Arabic language and the Arab world.


12. Blog
The reading area is where you can easily read different articles about all the aspects of the Arabian and Islamic life and culture.


13. Newsletter
You will receive a weekly news letter that gathers the week top stories that are related to the Arabs and Muslims as well as the latest ArabiCollege offers and news.


14. Updated News

International Academy for Innovation and Development (iAiD)

International Academy for Innovation and Development (iAiD) , is leading, well-reputed educational academy based in the heart of Dubai since 2008. It is licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and accredited by Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA). It is recognized as a top premier academy leading the quality and innovation in training and education regionally and internationally.

iAiD will Provide Achievement certificates authorized by Dubai government – KHDA to users who successfully complete one of the levels (A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2) of study Arabic as a second language at extra cost. Please contact Customer support for more information




Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis

KUIPs comes under the auspices of the Council of Religion and Malay Custom Perlis (MAIPs). KUIPs offers distinctive and strategic programs to produce students who are knowledgeable, ethical and trustworthy. The overflow of international students, which is in tandem with the globalization boom, supplies talents for local and international markets, and is among the reasons that supports the existence of KUIPs. KUIPs’ strategic location in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Golden Triangle (IMT-GT) also makes it an important key to success of the ASEAN agenda which was planned during the leadership of Tun Abdul Razak in the ‘70s.




Is one of the leading consultancies for Online Learning, Talent and Performance solutions in the Middle East.
The mission of xpertlearning is to bring the best Global Human Capital and Learning solutions and provide the finest talent to ensure excellent quality of service and support.



International Rabita Al-Azhar Alumni Malaysia (Malaysia WAAG)

WAAG Serves as a platform to generate simple ideas and tolerance brought by Al-Azhar University and move legacy ideology of Al-Azhar University in the communities in Malaysia and promote peace, love and harmony in society.
WAAG also provides and supports training and educating Islamic scholars and preachers to equip them with effective tools in carrying out missionary work so that they can face the challenges ahead and become torchbearers of Islam in the world.


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