ArabiCollege was Founded in 2007 by Mr. Mohamed Bamatraf; the Managing Director, Arabicollege is an educational college that teaches the Arabic Language to non-speakers around the world through 24/7 Live Online sessions and virtual classrooms. In addition to other high standard language learning methods, Arabicollege offers various other multimedia modules and interactive courses. Arabicollege is committed to offer professional Arabic learning programs, which enable learners to learn Arabic easily, speak Arabic fluently, understand and write Arabic correctly the way a native Arabic speaker does. ArabiCollege courses are designed to give you choices. We are available round the clock, anytime and anywhere. We offer the flexibility you need to customize your learning schedule exactly the way you want. With a variety of 24 hours online Arabic courses you don’t have to travel or take long distances to reach an Arabic school or an Arabic training center. Regardless of time zone differences you will reach your Arabic language educator and contact him or her anytime and interactive live with your native teacher. Since your progress in learning Arabic language is our main stimulation, ArabiCollege is always here for you. Each learner receives special individual feedback, support and guidance along the way of learning Arabic. Once you have decided to apply and design your own Arabic course, our Arabic teachers and advisors will provide you with valuable recommendations and comments in every step toward using Arabic fluently. For us, quality is a necessity rather than a luxury. Out of our awareness that your time is precious, we developed an excellent and advanced system to save your time while learning Arabic. Our system does not only offer highest quality learning methods, but also provides results in the shortest time. You do not even have to download any extra software. Everything is conducted online. In addition, our teachers are well experienced and also from the youth, also our material are prepared by a special team which most of its members are from the youth, which guarantees a modern way in learning and also so effective . Teachers are available for you 24 hours a day. Our educational services are integrated with customized interactive classes, tools and online learning community to practice your Arabic language skills. Our Vision To be recognized by all the non-Arabic speakers as the best Arabic online school.

As we keen on walking side to side with the most recent technology in the field of e-learning, we provide our classes through Gotowebinar application, which guarantees the atmosphere of the real class.
The classes are virtual with a real class atmosphere, the student can see the board, interact with his native teacher, by speaking, chatting, even writing on the board is an available option.
You will feel yourself in a real college studying, without wasting much time in traffic, and getting dressed for joining the class.It is easy, effective, and most comfortable.
After the class, you access easily to your exercises on the module, you doing your homework, and the teacher corrects it.

The 7 free trail periods is one of the most beloved advantages by the new registered students of ArabiCollege.
Actually having a free trial period in which the student can reserve 3 free sessions, is a good way of testing the service, and getting familiar to the system.
When you subscribe, you get access to all of our features which are many and effective in improving the performance of an Arabic language learner.

Click on register now, and fill the form appeared on the page, then you’re registered.
Once you register on the website , a message is sent to your mail address with a link to press on to activate your account, Once it is activated , you get your 7 days free trial period with 2 free sessions added to your profile .

The profile is created automatically once you’re registered on the site, to manage it is easy, since every feature to use has its clear button.

The test is to define the learner’s level, so you start learning from the suitable.

  • Arabic for life:

Arabic for English Speakers book is written by: Pro. MUHAMMAD ABDUL-RAUF , PH.D ” Director of the Islamic center of New York, Formerly professor of Islamic studies, University of Malaya , and published under the auspices of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.

In this course you start your learning from the very beginning till you reach excellent command of vocabulary and all functional language.

For more info about the course, please follow the link below: http://arabicollege.com/dev/arabic-for-english-speakers/

  • Political Arabic course

This course helps you Understand and use Arabic Political Terminologies, understand and interact in Political negotiations and Agreements, interact in a positive way in political conversations and negotiations.

The minimum requirement for this course is to be an intermediate.

The materials of the course are Media Topics and Political Agreements by using Formal Documentations.

All the materials are related to Middle East Political Life.

For more info about the course, please follow the link below: http://arabicollege.com/dev/arabic-for-politics/

  • Tajweed courses

So we developed this course to provide you with the required information and skills that can help you and make you able to read the Holy Quran in the way of Hafs of A’ssim.

For more info about the course, please follow the link below: http://arabicollege.com/dev/tajweed-course/

  • Business Arabic course

This course helps you understand the aspects of the Arabian business environment and acquire a full range of communication skills in order to function more effectively at work.

The minimum requirement for this course is to be an intermediate.

The materials of this course are media topics, business articles, successful business men portraits, and a story that revolves around business activities.

For more info about the course, please follow the link below: http://arabicollege.com/dev/arabic-for-business/

2 ways to pay we provide:

  1. Automatically: Online paying via www.2checkout.com, so quick and easy way to pay.
    You just press choose your course , then to press on the subscribe now button, it takes you to the 2check out page where you pay online, within few minutes, you’re subscribed and in 24 hours you can start reserving your classes.
  2.  Transferring the fees of the requested course is also available via Western Union, or any other way of transferring you use, once the fees are received, you’re subscribed and after 24 hours, you already can reserve your classes

The learner gets a certification with the length of your course accredited by ArabiCollege and American College of Dubai, once they pass their final exam.

Live chat services is working 24/7 , for the super quick assistance, we advise you to use it, it is easy, quick, and effective, always our customer service team is there for you
a really worthy using option on www.arabicollege.com.

In case you face any problem with your account, it is easy to open a support ticket, and record it on your profile.
Our support team will fix your problem and inform you then via E-mail, once it is solved.

Do not get confused, it is easier now, as once you visit your profile, you can see the clock shown on it set up to the GMT time zone, which you book your sessions in, to reserve your sessions, you then should click on My Schedule’s icon, if you do not know what time you want your session to be held at regarding to the GMT time zone, it is easy to just click on the Time converter guide’s button, below the shown o’clock on your profile, which takes you to the time difference calculator on www.timeanddate.com where you can finally find the correct time which you want to reserve your class at, by converting it from your national time zone into the GMT time zone one, then it is clear to choose the suitable hours for you.

Do not forget!!!, when you book a class, it is booked regarding to the GMT time zone, so convert the time zones, calculate it, then book your session and enjoy our live classes.

Remember always you should book your class 24+ hours before the time it is booked for.

In case you face any problem with your account, it is easy to open a support ticket, and record it on your profile.
Our support team will fix your problem and inform you then via E-mail, once it is solved.

ArabiCollege don’t do refund as user sign up first for first week for free and attend 2 classes totally free during the first week. Therefore user pay after try the service. Therefore we do not return back money after the user pay for the service unless we fail to deliver the classes.

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