Arabic Language Live Classes 24/7

You can book your session to be at any time of the day as ArabiCollege team works around the clock 24/7.

ArabiCollege supports an easy to use booking system, and always there are dedicated support team to be at your help request, live sessions are supported by Go To Training App, which is the one of the most advanced technologies in Virtual Learning.

Unlike many so-called “online Arabic teachers,” who only chat, we actually TEACH you with a planned curriculum. It is uniquely ours, and it is designed to take beginners – or advanced Arabic-speakers – from where they are, to where they wish to be, in the shortest time possible.


If students have special needs, we can usually use our teaching methods with those special requirements.


In the beginning, we take the student back to being a child, to re-learn what is always a deficiency in foreign-trained 2nd Language speakers. We start with VERY BASIC ARABIC. We focus on the SOUNDS of Arabic; enunciation and phonics. We have found the single most limiting factor in 2nd language speakers is the inability to sound – to enunciate in a way that is understandable. Listening is also a problem. Their listening is not tuned to the right phonics.

ArabiCollege uses MOODLE, to facilitate the learning process, The focus of the Moodle is always on giving educators the best tools to manage and promote learning.

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