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The acquisition of knowledge is crucial as it leads to a successful future. Learning a new language is particularly important as it breaks language barriers. In a world of diversity, it is important to know as many languages as possible in order to understand one another.

The acquisition of a new language improves our intellectual development – serving as a means of social interaction between people. It is used as a tool to solve problems in an evolving and diverse world. With this in mind, Mohammed Bamatraf made a strategic decision to open ArabiCollege, an online platform which allows students to learn Arabic via virtual online courses.

Bamatraf states: ‘I found that there was a gap between the supply and the demand of the Arabic language – expats want to learn Arabic as they live in an Arab country and kids want to learn it in school. However, there aren’t sufficient resources and it can be very expensive.’ As a result, ArabiCollege was introduced to teach Arabic to children and adults, around the clock.

Despite ArabiCollege’s success, there are always challenges when starting a company. Nine years ago, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today and many people did not believe in learning via online courses. Even though ArabiCollege uses one-on-one interactive videos, there was an assumption that pre-recorded videos were used. Bamatraf now encourages his clients to trial a free class in order to fully understand the concept of ArabiCollege.

Learning a new language is vital. Bamatraf agrees, ‘Learning new languages can really benefit students in different ways. It can boost their memory, help their critical thinking and generally benefit them in the real world.’

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Kimia Bayat
KDSL Global Intern

November 11, 2016

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