Common mistakes when learning languages

Making mistakes

Our world is getting more connected and globalized, knowing your native language just doesn’t it cut it anymore. Speaking 2 languages is becoming a minimum in this globalized world of ours. When you’re learning a new language you might make some mistakes at first. But you aren’t the first one to learn a new language and there have been many other people who have done it before. The best thing to do is learn from other people’s common mistakes as well as yours. The following are some common mistakes many people make when learning a new language


Approaching it as homework or an unpleasant task

Most people see learning a language as some type of hard homework. And those same people find that learning how to surf or learning how to play an instrument a fun and pleasant thing to do. But they’re oblivious to one thing, they’re oblivious to the fact that learning a language can be just as fun if not more fun than learning how to surf or other activities.

Stop approaching learning languages as homework and start learning languages in a fun and effective way. It’s not homework, so textbooks and classes aren’t the only way to learn. Find someone you can have conversations with, try learning more about the culture behind the languages. Languages are much more than a way of communications, they’re the symbols and icons of their people.


Not speaking and Not listening

Another common mistake is depending textbooks to gain the skill of speaking in a new language. No matter how much time you spend studying from a textbook you won’t magically become able to speak in a new language. In order to speak, you have to start having conversations. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes as you’ll learn from them as you go on.

Now that you have started talking or trying to talk, you should close your month for a moment and listen. When you’re trying learn a sport you try imitating those who play it well, you try copying what they do. That’s how we all learn, by copying others. And listening to others speak is how you’ll copy a language.

Try listening to whatever you find in the language you’re learning whether it’s music, news or movies. Don’t worry even if you can’t understand what you hear, it will make you get used to the language as well as improve your pronunciation greatly.


Translating every concept directly

This is one of the most common mistakes that many learners fall prey to. Every language is different from others, trying to translate concepts and phrases directly will result in an unnatural sounding speech. You could even confuse yourself by doing bad translations. When you start learning a new language you should forget about your native language and start from a blank state. Get used to absorbing new patterns and expressions.



Written by: Osama Waheib

September 1, 2016

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