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Technology is pretty much everywhere you look at. There is almost no habitable place in the world that doesn’t have technology. Nowadays, technology is the life force of modern civilization and it has revolutionized many things including education in many ways. This time I will talk about the ways technology revolutionized education.
Research and information
The amount of information available at the touch of a finger to students is so huge that comparing it to the sea is an understatement. Students don’t have to go to libraries and spend hours searching for a small piece of information, instead they just touch the screens of their phones and are presented with what they wanted and more in mere seconds.
Communication and Collaboration
Students can now collaborate with each other no matter the distance between them. With the use of emails and cloud applications students can share their work and coordinate between each other easier than ever. And by using Skype or other similar services students can talk and speak to each other no matter where they are.
Virtual Classrooms
As mentioned before virtual classrooms can help students who can’t access traditional schools or courses to get same experience if not better from their homes. They also have the added benefit of flexible time over traditional classrooms.
 Social media
Social media transformed the world into a small village. According to a study made by Facebook every two pairs of random people on Facebook are separated by 3 degrees, what this means is that what separates you from this other random person is only 3 other people. So you might be wondering what this has to do with education, well with social media students can meet and talk to important figures and people in the world more easily than ever. For example: A student can get in contact with Bill Gate, the richest man alive, by using twitter or any other social media Gates uses, which will give the student an opportunity to learn from the successful people in a specific area.
The amount of ways technology helps us in our lives makes it a truly amazing thing. When you think about it technology is almost like magic. That’s why we have to further advance and improve our magic and use it productively instead of using it to waste time.
April 9, 2016

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