Hello world!

We’re pleased to announce that ArabiCollege.com is making some changes! Based on feedback we’ve received from you, our worldwide learners, we’ve updated the structure of our language-learning platform and optimized your learning experience. What does this mean? Beginning today your ArabiCollege account will have a new look and new feel—and will be faster than ever!

Much of what we’ve changed is behind the scenes, allowing for the new features you’ll see now and in the future. What hasn’t changed is the unique ArabiCollege way of teaching Arabic through the one to one interactive live classes with native Arabic teachers available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’re still the world’s premier Arabic language online school—for good reason:

  • Totally 2 free one to one live interactive classes just need  an Internet connection
  • You get 12 hours classes per month with your own teacher at your own time with less than 100 dollar a month
  • A wide range of learning exercises and options
  • Online collaboration with other learners and native speakers

So what’s new?

  • ArabiCollege  has a new look! Cleaner. Easier to navigate. And with our updated platform, you’ll have a quicker, more productive learning experience.
  • Previous submissions. You can now view previous submissions when revisiting already completed activities, allowing you to review and remember what you’ve learned.
  • Profile-image upload. You can now add a custom profile image .
  • Behind the scenes. You’ll begin to notice that your submissions that your teacher ask you to do  are being reviewed and returned to you more quickly.

Signing in to the new site

Nothing new here! When you go to www.ArabiCollege.com you’ll arrive at our new site’s registration page! To sign in, simply use your current email address and password and start learning!

June 27, 2015

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